Reimagining the digital experience of a leading shipping company

Singulier worked with CMA-CGM, one of the world leaders in container shipping, to redesign their B2B digital channels. CMA-CGM wanted to better meet customer expectations and needs by developing a seamless end-to-end experience for digital as a channel. They also wanted to move from being a port-to-port direct channel to door-to-door, as well as diversify into future digital services such as predictive data science services and individual container tracking.

This involved segmenting business customers into groups to identify opportunities to cross-sell shipping and other logistics services. The consumer’s digital journey was re-designed to incorporate best practices for each digital channel, such as improved and up-to-date customer notifications and alerts.

Singulier created an end to end prototype of the target state digital customer journey and carried out user research to validate the potential improvement in CX and internal effort reduction. We created an action plan to implement the redesigned customer journey, digital channel strategy and digital product organisation and approach to reach the target CX improvements and improve brand positioning.

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