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Revolutionising Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition for HRA Pharma

HRA Pharma stands at the forefront of consumer healthcare as an innovator in skincare treatment and emergency contraception solutions. In the wave of its acquisition by Perrigo in 2021, a titan in global consumer self-care, HRA Pharma aimed to elevate its digital presence and e-commerce prowess.


Perrigo’s Business Challenge

The transition required HRA Pharma to optimize its digital marketing operations and boost customer acquisition efficiency. The goal was not only to maintain its leadership in a competitive market but to expand it through strategic digital channels.

Key Objectives

SINGULIER was tasked with streamlining digital marketing operations, enhancing customer journey mapping, and improving overall cost efficiency across multiple online platforms.

Solutions and Approach:

  • Conducted comprehensive market insights analysis, comparing channel performance and dynamics against competitors.
  • Performed detailed media channel audits to pinpoint optimization opportunities.
  • Provided “taskforce as a service” in central global teams, providing market support across UK, US, DE, & FR, providing expert global digital manager and global communications manager support to aid in transformation transition.
  • Supported the German market in refining cost efficiency metrics and provided customer journey insights to boost engagement rates.
  • Collaborated on setting actionable KPIs with a clear annual media planning and forecasting roadmap.
  • Optimising organic search initiatives from identifying organic search optimsation opportunities to ensuring high standard of deliverables
  • Identifying paid media optimisation opportunities in content, account setup and reporting capabilities via audits across paid social, display and online video campaigns
  • Expanding reach by launching ad campaigns on TikTok, a new platform for the brand

HRA Pharma’s successful digital campaign underscores the importance of a data-driven, customer-centric approach in consumer healthcare. Singulier’s support enabled HRA Pharma to embrace their digital ambitions and achieve outstanding results. To learn more about leveraging technology and customer insights to drive success, speak with our experts at Singulier today.

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