Singulier at IPEM Cannes 2024: Embracing Innovation with the LEADERS Framework

By Abbi Stolagiewicz, Marketing Lead and Sr. Digital Media Consultant
Published on Jan 30, 2024
Remi Pesseguier, CEO and Co-founder of Singulier with David Toledano, Partner INDEFI x Singulier, on stage at the Deal Innovation Summit in IPEM Cannes 2024

January 2024, CannesAt the 10th IPEM Cannes, focusing on “Getting Deals Done”, Singulier proudly showcased its innovative approach to private equity. Singulier CEO, Rémi Pesseguier, along with David Toledano, partner for Indefi x Singulier,  highlighted the importance of strategic transformation and innovation in dealmaking through the introduction of our LEADERS framework. 

IPEM Cannes 2024: A Convergence of Industry Leaders

The 10th IPEM Cannes brought together over 3,000 participants fostering discussions on current market challenges and the future of deal-making. This gathering underscored the industry’s collective effort to adapt and excel amidst changing economic landscapes.  


Singulier’s Takeaways from the Summit

Rémi Pesseguier’s shared some key takeaways from IPEM, offering three valuable insights for the year ahead:  Remi Pesseguier holding mic speaking to audience at IPEM Cannes

Navigating Economic Uncertainty: There is a critical need for adeptly maneuvering through the complex macroeconomic environment marked by inflation and interest rate fluctuations. GPs must be adept in interpreting these economic indicators to make informed decisions, crucial for guiding management teams and LPs effectively. 

Strategic Value Creation: Emphasizing the evolving role of GPs, he pointed out the increasing need for innovative strategies in deal selection and building stronger, more collaborative relationships with management teams. This approach, he noted, is key to expediting value creation and fostering transformative growth in portfolio companies. 

The Ubiquity of Innovation: Innovation is not just a trend but a fundamental shift permeating all facets of the industry. This encompasses advancements in fund-raising, deal origination, due diligence, and the execution of value-creation plans. Staying at the forefront of these innovations is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage and achieving sustainable growth. 


Singulier’s  LEADERS Framework

IPEM Singulier Presentation: LEADERS FRAMEWORK by Singulier

At Singulier, we believe in a structured approach to confronting industry challenges and seizing opportunities. Our LEADERS framework is a testament to this belief, comprising seven key stages: 

Leveraging External Data: Our approach harnesses a comprehensive array of external data sources, meticulously analyzed by Holis, our data analytics division. This strategic utilization is pivotal for deciphering market trends and investor behavior, enabling informed decision-making rooted in a broad market understanding. 

Evaluating Granular Internal Insights: Through Graphite, our data build venture, we deploy cutting-edge technology and AI to dissect large datasets. This rigorous analysis is instrumental in revealing latent insights, thereby elevating operational efficiency and strategic acumen. 

Assessing Digital Maturity & Potential: At Singulier, our in-house experts and strategy consultants conduct thorough evaluations of digital infrastructure and capabilities. This assessment is critical for pinpointing digital transformation opportunities, ensuring our clients remain at the forefront of a tech-centric business landscape. 

Developing Tangible Strategic Prototypes: Our team, enriched with years of operational expertise, leads in crafting and testing strategic prototypes. This hands-on approach enables practical testing and refinement, paving the way for effective full-scale implementation. 

Executing with Agility: We prioritize agile methodologies to ensure swift, responsive, and efficient strategy execution. By forming specialized taskforces that collaborate with operational teams, we can swiftly adapt to market shifts and capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

Revitalizing Data Maturity/Assets & Intelligence: We focus on fortifying in-house data capabilities and intelligence, essential for sustaining a robust, data-driven business approach. This involves integrating advanced tools and processes to enhance decision-making and strategic foresight. 

Strengthening Talent: Recognizing the power of human capital, we are dedicated to nurturing talent that drives innovation and growth. Our talent scoping and development initiatives are tailored to bolster our clients’ operational capabilities, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives. 

 Each element of the LEADERS framework is meticulously crafted to empower businesses in navigating the complexities of today’s market, fostering growth, and driving innovation for our clients. 


Forward-Looking Optimism and Action

As we enter a new year, there is a renewed focus on value creation within the private equity sector. The LEADERS framework, presented at IPEM Cannes, provides a guide for navigating today’s complex market. Singulier is committed to this innovative approach, ready to assist clients in leveraging these strategies to achieve growth and success. 


For more information on how Singulier can help your business through these innovative strategies, please contact us. We are dedicated to partnering with you in navigating the evolving landscape of private equity. 


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