Building a Digital Distribution Channel: Lessons from Sector Alarm

Sector Alarm’s transition from a historic door-to-door sales model to a digital customer acquisition strategy results in double-digit growth and reveals three key lessons for evolving businesses.    

Sector Alarm, a leader in the professionally monitored alarm industry in Europe, faced a common challenge: transitioning from a traditional growth model to a new digital customer acquisition strategy. Initially, the company’s digital maturity was low, indicating significant potential for value creation through a direct digital distribution channel.  

The project was divided into four phases: comprehensive diagnosis, target vision and planning, pilot and roll-out preparation, and finally, implementation. From analysing market trends to refining the user experience, each step was carefully designed to ensure a seamless transition towards a robust digital distribution channel. Our approach at Singulier involved creating prototypes to demonstrate key products, aligning all stakeholders. This included designing the new Sector Alarm website homepage and visualising customer journeys. 


Prototype-Led Transformation: Velocity and Multidimensionality  

For Sector Alarm, we facilitated a fast, multi-dimensional transformation. This included developing a comprehensive direct distribution framework, forming the right teams, restructuring assets, and launching in five to seven countries. Three key lessons emerged from this transformation:   

1. Develop a vision and ambition to facilitate hiring early. Changing your approach cannot stop at strategy; it is critical to have the right teams in place.  We worked with Sector Alarm to create a clear vision and well-defined ambition, making the company more attractive to potential hires.  

2. Balance speed with thorough execution.  Avoid rushing into action without considering market depth or unique selling points. Our methodology ensured a balanced approach, reducing the risk of oversights while maintaining momentum.

3. Take a holistic approach.Managing multiple aspects simultaneously was crucial for success. This included landing page optimisation, middle office efficiency, and strategic brand investment. The project highlighted the importance of a comprehensive strategy in navigating digital transformation complexities. 


Our work with Sector Alarm demonstrates the delicate balance between speed, depth, and multidimensionality required for a successful digital transformation in the professional alarm services industry. The company experienced double-digit growth as a result of our efforts.  



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